Hello, sunshine!
Hello it's Lauren! I'm just a 19 year-old computer science major who has a big love for Pokemon, otome games (especially ones made by Voltage!), Sailor Moon, video games, and anime. Feel free to talk to me anytime :)

LINE, Kik, and KakaoTalk: shortbreadofdoom

3DS FC: 3437-3049-3220
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So I finally downloaded and signed up for FeaturePoints after seeing that it really is legit from other people who have used it! It’s basically an app where they ask you to download featured apps they showcase and run it on your phone. Then you get rewarded with points which you save up to get free giftcards such as Amazon, Googleplay, ITunes, Steam, etc. I thought this would be a great idea for my otome gamer followers who need a way to make money in order to play those Voltage games (of course you can use your points for other things, but that’s mainly what I’ll be using them for XD). I also think it’s a great way to earn giftcards if you’re ever thinking of doing a giveaway on your blog :) Anyways if you do end up getting it, I would greatly appreciate it if you used my referral code! If you use it you’ll get 50 free points from the start :D
My referral code is: SXEQNK :)
Anonymous said: is there a Voltage guy you absolutely can't stand?

Hm I wouldn’t say I absolutely can’t stand him, but the one Voltage guy I have an extreme love-hate relationship with is Satoru from 10DWMD. There are times where I like and tolerate him, but then other times I just want to punch him in the face XD

(Sorry Satoru fans! ^^;)

All the my favorite anime shows have ended or are ending soon *sobs* How am I going to fill the empty voids in my life now